Deloading is Part of the Program

Deload weeks are so underestimated and underutilized in the fitness world. The focus almost always is ongoing heavy, and pushing your limits. But, the trust is that planning a deload week or two is as important as progressive overloading!

What is a deload week?
A deload week is something you must incorporate as part of your training schedule if you are training heavily and training regularly and you feel that your body actually needs a break from your normal routine. It’s a week in which you still stay active and go to the gym but avoid overtraining to recover from a period of injury, exhaustion,  performance fatigue, lifting plateaus, decreased energy levels, or general burnout. A deload week generally lasts one to two weeks, depending on your needs.

Will I lose strength during deload week?
Deload weeks can leave you stronger if your training leading up to it was challenging enough to induce muscular adaptations. Remember, you don’t get to build muscle during your workout, but as you rest and recover.

How often should I take Delaod week?
Deload weeks are effective if taken every 8/10 weeks, depending on your training program, level, and fitness goals. Sometimes, you can plan your deload weeks around your vacation or off time. It works well and doesn’t leave you guilty.

Will I lose muscle during deload week?
You will not lose muscle during the deload week and will be able to get back to your schedule just like before. It can help boost muscle size and strength!

Should I eat less during deload week?
Be mindful that the deload week is only to go easy on workouts, not wild on food. If you eat your required calories depending on your goals and hit your protein requirements,  you should be fine.

How can I deload?
# Drop the weight by 10-20% and number of repetitions.
# Drop the weight by 10-20% and the number sets.
# Drop the weight by 10-20% and number of exercises per muscle group.
# Drop the weight by 10-20% and frequency.
# Keep weight the same but reduce sets and reps.
# Work on weaker or neglected muscles.
# Do other moderate forms of active recovery like swimming, running,  walking, and cycling.

How can you get back to your routine after a deload week?
After a deload week, you should begin a new training cycle using moderate intensity. This gives your body a chance to accustom itself to heavyweight again. This reintroduction phase can be as short as 1 week or, in some cases, 2 weeks.

I hope this has been helpful. Will be glad to field questions.

Happy Deloading!

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