Guest Writers

I am glad to introduce people who share the same passions and interests as mine to share their thoughts and experiences on this blog as guest writers.

My work and other committments have expanded leaving me with little time to write as often as I would like to. However, this blog is something I started passionately with the sole purpose educating, motivating and inspiring people through my experiences, and keeping it running with guest writers adds value and ensures continuity.

A lot has changed since I first started the blog. I will be writing more frequently about health, nutrition and fitness, and the guest writers will write on their specific areas of expertise and experiences.

Shared knowledge and experiences are valuable and this is an effort to deliver more value!

Santosh Srinivas

Athelete, Runner

A highly ambitious person who was knocked by life and hit the rock bottom once upon a time but rose up to keep putting a show each time when life challenged and grateful for the person I am now and will be as time flies by.

Currently an Aspiring Tri-Athlete training insane not only for the love of sports but the learnings that come out inspiring self and others.

An avid reader, adventure seeker and a re-creational writer who puts emotions into paragraphs trying hard to justify the different phases of life through the unspoken words and unseen actions. 

“Emotions are hard to explain so I am pouring my heart out.” -Santosh.

You can reach me at