Are we really busy?

Are we really busy or pretend to be busy? Well, it’s neither of the two. We have begun to believe that we are busy so that it becomes easier for us to escape the silence and the loneliness of our lives. We try to escape from the pain which has already subdued, the wounds which have already healed and, the cuts that have already bled. We no longer want to look past the things that gave us a bitter experience and dwell on them. In the due process, we try to do everything which can be saved for later and can be completed within our timelines.

We try to read books, go for runs, workout in the wee hours, be logged in even after our workday has ended, shop for groceries even if the pantry is stocked, do the dishes knowing it is just the one lying in the sink, make our bed long before we hit it. We try to do it all at once leaving us struggling and always racing against time. We do everything but take out time to love and acknowledge ourselves. In the humdrum of life we have stopped being kind and compassionate to our own selves.

We are following a trend that is slowly turning into a compulsion and a lifestyle that only tire us out in the long run. We keep ourselves so busy with the long list of to-do’s without even making time to check which ones are done and dusted.

Instead let’s pause for a moment and allow the emptiness to penetrate through us. Let’s be kinder and more appreciative of our life, achievements, learnings, and our being.

Let’s stop unintentionally participating in the trend of being busy without purpose!

-Santosh Srinivas.

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