All You Need To Know About Heart Attacks In The Gym

There has been a sudden and alarming increase in the number of young people in their 30s and 40s who succumb to heart attacks in the gym. We read such news in the newspaper, see it on the news channels, and come across it on social media. Well, the information is not wrong. But the way it is presented in the headline makes us believe that the deaths are related to and caused by only going to the gym. Now, that’s a gross misappropriation!
Just like all smokers don’t get lung cancer, and all swimmers don’t die by drowning, all gym-goers also will not have a heart attack in the gym. Let’s understand who could be most vulnerable to having a heart attack while working out.

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Not one day has gone by, in my health journey, without eating a piece of dark chocolate! If like me, you dream of eating chocolate every day, without jeopardizing your health goals, well, here you’ll find 6 excuses for it. You’ll also know which dark chocolate is best and how much of it you can have in a day.

Teach Your Kids to Read Nutrition Labels

Teach Your Kids to Read Nutrition Labels

Teaching kids to recognize the difference between nutritious foods and those that are unhealthy will help set the foundation for making healthy food choices throughout life. A vital part of this is helping them understand nutrition labels on packaged foods to equip your children with the ability to make informed food choices.

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