The Universe has your back!

You have to be present, open, and willing to receive answers.

How many times have you begged the skies to guide you in the right direction? How many times do you wish you had a sign for what direction you should take in life? How often do you feel alone and unsupported in life?

Trust me, every time you do that, the Universe gives us the answers you are looking for. It guides us, pushes us, protects us, and assures us in subtle yet loud ways.

But are we listening?

Once you learn to listen to the universe, life becomes a lot less confusing, and you start to feel a lot more aligned and connected.  If you’re stuck in your head worrying, overthinking, overanalyzing, rushing and being busy, judging and being angry, you will block the Universe from connecting with you. 

You have to be present, open, and willing to receive answers.

The most common ways the universe communicates with us are…

  1. People

The universe talks to us in the form of people. You meet the right people at the right time who help you move along your life path with more conviction and confidence. This can be through meeting a random person who says or does something that triggers you in the right direction. Sometimes when things get extremely tough, a new friend may be the oasis of your life. Sometimes you want to move away from some people because the relationship may not be going anywhere, but your mind keeps going back to them. They become an integral part of your soul. You will intuitively feel that this is way too random for it not to be a sign from the universe. The key then is to actually allow things to happen as they are destined to. Some people are so

2. Numbers

Seeing a certain pattern or sequence of numbers such as on number plates or clocks, or coming across the same number or number pattern such as in an address or phone number, or seeing the time 11:11, 2:22, 3:33, 12:34, etc., can all have hidden meanings. For instance, if you’re seeing repeating numbers such as 1111, 333, 444, 555, etc. those are all signs from the universe that you’re on the right path.  Each number sequence can also have more specific meanings if you analyze what the numbers mean. Just when I am in doubt about calling up someone to check on them, I may see a car with 1111 on its plate pass by, and I take it as my answer. I go ahead and make that call.

3. Animals

You may see a particular animal repeatedly at different places, or have an unexpected pet out of nowhere. The universe often sends animals as signs when we need them most. What better way to communicate than sending a little friend your way? A spirit animal can change over time and can be literally anything. In the movie “A Man Called Otto”, a cat starts visiting Otto when he going through a rough patch in life and was becoming suicidal. Otto tries to shoo away the cat, but she wouldn’t go. Gradually Otto started taking care of her and feeding her. The bond became so strong that Otto gave up the idea of ending his life as he had to care for the cat!

4. Synchronicity

Synchronicity is a random occurrence of events that seem coincidental, serendipitous, and related, yet are not connected. Synchronicities are one of the most powerful ways that the universe communicates with you and you start experiencing them more and more the more you start to awaken. It has happened to me.

One random day I saw a little girl selling flowers on the signal. It’s a common sight on Indian roads. Just as I was rolling down my car window to call the girl, the light became green and I had to move. When I reached work, I found a bunch of flowers on my desk from a co-worker as a thank-you gesture for something I had done for his wife who also happened to be a friend. Another common synchronicity many people experience is when they are thinking of someone very deeply, the person comes visiting or texts or calls.

Synchronicities may not mean much by themselves but are indicative that there is something much bigger and better happening behind the scenes; something way more profound than we can ever imagine. Synchronicities are a direct connection to Spirit and a sign that you are on the right path.

5. Dreams

Messages, guidance, and answers can come to us through our dreams. Keeping track of your dreams in the form of a journal can be very helpful to understand patterns and frequent visuals. I do not remember the details but I used to have dreams where mountains were prominent and central. Years later I went on my first-ever trek to the mountains and felt much connected as if I was destined to be there, I belonged there.

6. Gut instinct or Intuition

The Universe connects with us in the form of intuition. Intuition is largely based on your own personal awareness of a particular situation, but it is also an unconscious awareness or wisdom that can’t always be explained by logic.

Many times you know certain things are a certain way even before you have not experienced them in the physical sense. It is also called the inner voice and the more aligned you are with yourself, the clearer the inner voice becomes. Intuition works magically to navigate your life in the right direction. When you constantly choose not to listen to your inner voice, it stops speaking. That’s why you will see if you trust your intuition, it becomes stronger over time. Whenever I have trusted my intuition, I have tapped into magical soul connections with the most amazing people, seeing past the facades they put up, and consequently breaking down barriers and building strong bonds.

In conclusion, when you receive messages from the universe, it’s important that you don’t question them or overthink or try to make sense of them logically. When you question or challenge it, it stops being a sign. Just live in the present so that you can be more aligned with it. The universe expresses itself in the simplest forms; it’s only our minds and egos that try to know the why, the what, and the when.  Every time, I get my answer from the Universe, I take it as a cue and blessing and utter a silent gratitude prayer.

Believe that the Universe always has your back.  It guides and protects you fiercely. It will lead you to what’s meant for you, and protect you from what is not. It will never leave you alone in fear, doubt, and confusion. And, as they say, trust the timing of the Universe!

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