too many choices

More May Not Be Merrier!

Like me, if you realize that having to make too many choices are crippling your life instead of enriching it, it’s time to free yourself from the stress and decision fatigue.

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Moving on without Closure

Either you can go down the dark rabbit-hole “seeking closure”, which you may never get or “finding closure” on your own. The choice is yours to make and the choice you make will shape your life. You may not have the closure you want, but you must have the healing you need.


Not one day has gone by, in my health journey, without eating a piece of dark chocolate! If like me, you dream of eating chocolate every day, without jeopardizing your health goals, well, here you’ll find 6 excuses for it. You’ll also know which dark chocolate is best and how much of it you can have in a day.

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