All You Need to Know About Bhubaneswar DOT FEST

Here’s a ready reckoner for the ongoing Dot FEST in Bhubaneswar. I am amazed that people do not yet know about the different events, their details, timings, venue, and tickets. So, I thought, why not put everything in one place and put it out there for everyone!

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A workout or training split (muscle groups or body parts that you train on different days of the week) is like planning an itinerary before embarking on a journey. Following a training split that’s most optimal for your goals, helps you reach your goals faster, minimizes injuries, and doesn’t leave you exhausted and demotivated.

Is it okay to take your baby everywhere?

As young parents of infants and toddlers, you need to understand that ‘sometimes’ sacrificing some ‘fun-stuff’ too is a part of parenting. It’s just a matter of time before the kids are grown up enough to be left behind by themselves, or with a caretaker or extended family, and you can once again have all the fun you missed out on.

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