Managing Anxiety in Children

COVID-19 Lockdown – Managing Anxiety in Children between 9-13 years

It is very important to understand that our children are as vulnerable and stressed out as we are. They may not know it yet. If your child is nervous or under stress, he/she could be displaying one or some of the following signs. Watch out for these ten signs of anxiety and to be able to address them early on.

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Detachment is Liberating!

It is utterly important to understand that detachment does not mean that you should stop to love, to care, being passionate, being involved. It just means learning to “live in the moment”. Detachment means being able to be engaged wholly as long as the object is with us, and once when not, cherish memories with fondness and without judgement, anger or pain.


Thappad, a slap on patriarchy

If there is one movie, you’d watch in 2020, or even this decade, make it Thappad! It’s not about the best or larger than life visual treat and cinematic experiences like Bahubali or Tanhaji. It’s about real things. It’s about you and me. It’s about being a woman. It’s about being a woman, in India.
To me, it’s not about ‘just a slap’. It’s neither about being right or wrong. It’s about your self-worth and how it makes you feel.

Dealing with emotional pain: How to let go of emotional pain?

Throughout our lives, we reach points where a situation or a person no longer adds value to our life journey. But for some reason, maybe conditioning, we try to salvage what was by spending our last emotional cent on its preservation. Not knowing what is next, and also being afraid to let go, sometimes makes this step hard. There is usually an element of sadness in moving forward, but ultimately you are walking the path of the warrior who has the courage to move ahead into what they deserve and want. You are entering a situation that welcomes you, a situation that serves you breathes life into you, brings you joy, and aligns with your best self.

Dealing with emotional pain: Why must we let go of emotional pain?

Emotional pain is a universal feeling. Death or loss of a dear one, getting fired, a break-up, an ailment, a financial loss, divorce, and betrayal are some common life situations that happen to many of us at different points I time. We may think that our pain is far more meaningful and intense than the other. The other thinks the same. But the truth is neither are we the first one to experience a particular pain, nor we will be the last. However, a pain leaves each one of us transformed in different ways. How each one of us handles the pain and emerges from it is what essentially defines us.

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